We need to learn more about your business before we can brand it.

This survey is vital for us to understand what your company does and how you want the world to see it. The quicker you can fill it out, the quicker we can get started!

About your business
What does your business do? And how do you want the World to see it?
The name your clients will see.
Leave blank if you don't have one.
What do you do? What services do you offer?
Who are your clients? Are they young or old? Are they well educated? Do they know about the industry you are working in?
What will people remember when working with you or your business?
E.g. trustworthy, bold, innovative...
We'd like to learn a little about your main competitors.
Please provide names and links to their websites.
Take a look at their logos and colour choices. Choices of font and details on their websites.
Brand examples
we'd like to get a flavour of what brand/logo examples you like the look of. And that fit the direction your wnat your brand to go in.
Try to pick brands that you like the visual style of. That are visually in the direction your want to go.
Provide three links to logos you like the look of and explain why. Any logos. Doesn't have to be associated with your industry or business type.
Is there anything else you think we should know about your business?